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Nothing Says "Sorry" Like a Bottle of Sassoon (A Sensitive Secret Deleted Scene)

Title: Nothing Says "Sorry" Like a Bottle of Sassoon
Author: strgazr04
Rating: PG
Genre: SPN Gen. Humor. regretful!Sammy & snarkybutloveable!Dean
Word count: 515
Author's notes: A deleted scene from A Sensitive Secret. Sam's POV.

Summary: While trying to decipher Dean's new affinity for hair products, Sam underestimates his brother. Out on a supply run, he decides to make it up to him.

Nothing Says "Sorry" Like a Bottle of Sassoon )
NJcon 2013 J2 Photo Op

A Sensitive Secret, 1/2 & 2/2, [PG] Sam, Dean

Title: A Sensitive Secret
Author: [info]strgazr04 and [info]sameuspegasus
Rating: PG
Pairing/Genre: SPN Gen. Humor, H/C
Word count: 2,871
Author's notes: No spoilers. Set in S1. Sam's POV.
Warnings: Minor swearing

Summary: Back on the road with Dean after leaving Stanford, Sam starts noticing his brother exhibiting some odd behavior. Spending longer and longer periods of time in the bathroom. Bizarre Google searches left on the laptop. Making unnecessary supply runs. Hustling for unneeded funds. Squirreling away things in a hidden duffel compartment. And...Oprah? They've never kept anything hidden from each other so why was Dean suddenly being so secretive?

Why This Story Must Be Read: Because Dean's hair needs love too dammit! ;D

A Sensitive Secret - Part One

A Sensitive Secret - Part Two

Playing Pilgrim

Title: Playing Pilgrim
Author: Paperbkryter
Genre: Gen
Rated: PG-13
Story Link: Playing Pilgrim

Brief Description: Thanksgiving - Winchester style. Never let a teenaged boy even THINK about cooking a turkey.

Why This Must Be Read: Because you'll never laugh as hard as this reading another story. Told from the boys POV, both then and now, this is sweet story about a simple goal that goes, horribly, horribly wrong. Its pee-in-your-pants funny!

FIC: Warm Strangers

Title: Warm Strangers
Author: extraonions
Genre: Gen
Rated: PG-13
Story Link: Story link to Warm Strangers

Brief Description: Various people (both canon characters and OCs) that Dean and Sam have saved hold a funeral for them when they hear about the police station from Jus In Bello exploding. All of Monument, Colorado grieves when an explosion destroys the local police station and everyone in it. But who shall mourn for Sam and Dean Winchester, the two fugitives also present?

Why This Must Be Read: Oh, think about all the terrific OC's, the people Dean and Sam helped that we've seen starting back in Season 1 and up to Jus In Bello. Those they owed so much to, those they owed the lives of their children to, their very lives. Imagine how they react upon hearing of the Winchester's supposed deaths when the jail exploded. Well, you don't really have to. This fic fills that all in and it's so refreshing reading gratitude for the boys, for all they've done. Just knowing that we've all run across people who've helped us and how we'd react if we found they passed away.

This story is beautiful and poignant, makes you sigh and hurt for them all as they grieve anew what we as fans know isn't. It's so real and refreshing you want to scream at the computer, "THEY'RE NOT DEAD!!! WAIT!!!" Yes. The writer makes it that real.

FIC: Bean Stalker

Title: Bean Stalker
Author: adrenalineshots
Genre: Gen
Rated: R
Story Link: Bean Stalker story...

Brief Description: Chuck’s books mustered a good number of fans. One of them turned out to be the wrong kind of fan. When an obsessed woman finds out that Sam and Dean are real, the consequences for one of them are anything but nice. ‘Misery’ style. Complete.

Why This Must Be Read: In 6 chapters plus an epilogue, this author makes Misery look like a walk in the park when Dean comes into contact with a fan of Chuck's books. In the wrong place at the wrong time, Alexa sees Dean and immediately knows him for who he is. She kidnaps him and it all goes to hell from there. Poor Dean, back in Hell, only this time, he knows he's just in deep shit.

Really, it's a fascinating study of our own fandom and how loony we can all be, sometimes. Also, it's a fantastically paced story and a thrilling ride. Read. IT!

Bay of fire

Title: Bay of Fire
Author: Scullspeare
Rating: T, mostly for language
Genre: Gen
Characters: Dean, Sam
Spoilers: Season 1

Brief Description: A hunt to destroy a vengeful ghost ship leaves the brothers stranded in the cold Atlantic, depending on each other in the fight to survive.

Why This Must Be Read: It starts with a case. Well, actually, it starts with all that went wrong in a case. But either way, it ends with some lovely moments between the brothers, each fighting to keep the other alive, each refusing to let the other go. Beautifully written.

FIC: The Long Narrow Rope by pdragon

Title: The Long Narrow Rope
Author: pdragon76
Rating: PG-13 (sailor-mouths, tornadoes, horny toads)
Genre: Gen
Characters: John, Dean, Sam
Spoilers: Pre-series, circa summer '97
Rated: PG13

Brief Description: It's not easy being a parent, let alone to two boys who test you at every turn, who drive you nuts, fill your heart, want to break you down and yet make you see the need for strength and rigidity of a lifestyle that you'd never by choice want to subject them to. But sometimes, life is what happens to you while you're making plans. And sometimes, you have to realize that the kids you got are precisely the kids you need, and they are strong and their love makes you stronger.

Why This Must Be Read: Of course, coz it's pdragon76 and her characterizations of our Winchesters, her OC's, they're all brilliant. And yea, her hurt!Dean is hard to beat. EVAR

Title: Old Levee taught me to weep and moan

Title: Old Levee taught me to weep and moan
Author: sidura
Genre: Gen
Rated: PG
Story Link: http://sidura.livejournal.com/tag/levee

Brief Description: An AU to the end of Season 4, when the final seal is broken and Dean pays the ultimate sacrifice to stop Lucifer, the true price of consequences of all the decisions that lead from that night still to be addressed.

Why This Must Be Read: Man, how I wish WISH this was how it had ended. Then again, if it had ended like this then we'd not have a season 5. It's not a character death fic, I promise. It's really just a solid piece of re-imagining, redemption and renewal. Winchester style.

New rec

Title: Vertigo from falling
Author: fryadvocate
Genre: Gen
Rated: PG
Story Link: http://fryadvocate.livejournal.com/69976.html?style=mine

Brief Description: At twenty-six, Dean opened up his arms and jumped off of the bridge. He hoped, a second after he jumped, a flicker second of wind and colors passing and the inevitable pull of gravity, that Sam wasn't watching.

Why This Must Be Read: Sweet, sweet tale of a different Dean. If it there is one thing wrong with it is that it is too short.

Dead Soldiers: An Oral History of the End Times

Title: Dead Soldiers: An Oral History of the End Times
Author: fryadvocate
Genre: Gen
Rated: R for language
Story Link: http://fryadvocate.livejournal.com/207202.html

Brief Description: Although much has been written about the sociological and theological importance of the "End Times War", there has been much less written about the individuals directly involved. Using interviews with primary sources, this paper seeks to examine how Dean and Sam Winchester, two criminals with a history of violence and petty theft, became commonly known as a prophet of the Lord and the Anti-Christ.

Why This Must Be Read: Because the show will never go there and this is too amazing to loose. The way it is written is simply brilliant, unveiling the plot-line in short, very in character and completely gripping interviews of the various people who had a part to play in the end of the world. Like the summary states, Dean became known as 'the prophet' and Sam as 'the anti-Christ'. But things aren't as simply as that, because (and this is the brilliant part) everyone that tales a tale adds a tail, and everyone in this story has its own agenda and things aren't always as they seemed.